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Karen knew from an early age, having opened a hospital when she was about 5 years old, that she would be caring for people.  She fed her dolls soup and tea to help them get well.  Funny, this is what is often recommended for patients today!

Her formal education in dietetics began with the intent to open a health food store, and she was seeking expert information about nutrition beyond what she found in book stores.  Actually, it was her own health that she was hoping to heal due to significant digestive problems possibly due to the over use of the antibiotics that were being heavily prescribed at that time. 

After graduating and passing the Dietetic Registration exam, it soon became evident that the positions available, and the meaningful health assistance that she wanted to offer to people, was clearly not the part of the traditional medical program.  With a turn of luck, Karen was introduced to functional healing and the passion for health was again renewed.

Karen’s first attempts to learn and grow in the integrative and functional nutrition area led to a greater understanding of the importance of science based cutting edge practitioner education, products of impeccable quality, along with transparent and ethical practices that focus on healing of mind, body, and spirit to achieve maximum health potential for each and every patient.  In private practice, Karen had the full opportunity to practice under those ethics.  After opening her own office, it has been her fulfilled mission to serve the community with utmost integrity, and love for healthy people.

Please consider joining the many people who can say Karen’s care has made a difference in their health and happiness.

Reach your health potential.  Schedule time with Karen today. 

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